stay wonderful.
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i'm a student from britain currently studying in beijing. this is my public scrapbook where i keep notes and links relating to things that interest me.

my degree is in {philosophy}, but this year im {learning chinese}. in my free time, i read about {user interface} design, drink tea, and explore the world around me.

i like soup and monochromacy.

i love listening to and making music and run a very small label, [gaiwan records](, but it's kind of quirky and niche and you probably haven't heard of it

philosophy-wise, i'm interested in ethics and social kinds, philosophy of religion, that sort of thing.

computer-wise, i'm interested in: programming in lisps, ruby, and forth; consistent user interfaces; chunky repairable laptops; phones with qwerty keyboards; fantasy virtual machines; esoteric languages; malleable systems; intentional digital communities; etc.

language-wise, i'm interested in: writing systems; slang; etymology; rapid evolution of dialect; smalltalk; conlangs; etc.

otherwise, i'm interested in: {cooking}; analogue writing with fountain pens; simple systems for organisation, budgeting, and the like; reading fiction; sleeping, sitting, and working on the floor; barefoot shoes and actually walking barefoot; meditation; sceptical divination; {board games}; and other such esoteric practices.

currently, i'm working on: the documentation (specification, api references and interface guidelines) for a virtual machine to replace most of my userspace applications; the actual implementation of that virtual machine; a metatranslation of the bible with an emphasis on what i consider most important; a few albums; and some essays for my degree.

stay wonderful~

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