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i'm a big fan of music :)

§criticism of pop music

pop music is music that a lot of people enjoy. that's what the "pop" bit means. it is unhelpful to say "i don't listen to pop music" without clarification, because that statement is meant to imply that you are better than other people because of that.

there are lots of reasons not to listen to pop music. for example, if i'm going to choose music to play i am unlikely to choose pop music. the reason for this is because i will still hear pop music (on the radio, in bars, etc), i want to explore more different styles of music, so when i have the choice i will do so. perhaps you find that pop songs lack nuance or depth of meaning. this is debatable, but a fair reason not to choose to listen to pop music when you have the choice. it is not a reason to tell everyone that you don't listen to pop music whenever it is playing.

§appeal to past music

often people say that music isn't as good as it used to be. this is not a valid argument. the songs that they use to prove this are a handful of songs that are still listened to. even within bands that feature in these lists, there are usually songs that nobody listens to anymore, because they're just not that great.

usually, you see this in comments about the current charts. most of those songs will be forgotten soon. some songs will not be forgotten, they'll be the ones added to the list of songs people will appeal to ten or more years from now.

§on singers who don't write their songs

people really be out there saying music used to be better because people wrote their own songs as if beethoven was playing his symphonies all by himself

im not convinced that having a song written for you is fundamentally different from covering a song, and people tend not to get shit for that

sure, theres an emotion gap. sometimes people pick up on this in covers - for example, i think that miley cyrus's cover of zombie was not great because she didn't demonstrate, or couldnt get across, the raw emotion coming from that song.

but in the same way that people /can/ feel the emotion in covers, they can feel the emotion in songs written for them, perhaps even more so

and often theres a lot of overlap. did the spice girls write wannabe? maybe? sort of? they had a lot of creative control at least. does taylor swift write her songs? she writes a lot of them, but it's not like she does it in complete isolation.

songs are shared and communally worked on. ever since radio existed, there have been people working as songwriters, this isn't new, and that a song was written separately from the singer doesn't make it inherently bad.

often you can tell how much emotion is behind what a person is saying. sometimes you can't, and that's okay too. because music is art, and art is about lying and make-believe.

people tend not to shit on actors because theyre not actually mortified about a death, because the death didn't happen. people shit on actors when it's obvious theyre not mortified about a death that didnt happen. convincing us of an emotion that isnt there is part of the art, part of the skill, of acting

Imagine saying X is not a real actor because they didn't also write the screenplay and direct.

§formative music

apparently your music taste is formed between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. that puts me right in the middle of my formative period. i'm not sure i'm convinced by this, because i know so many people outside of that age range who have turned on to different genres, including ones which didn't exist when they were that age. at any rate, it's interesting to think about.

i don't even think that i really have a "taste" in music. i have some styles and artists that i prefer, and some styles and artists that i don't enjoy so much, but overall i'll listen to most things and won't feel put out by it. as long as i can feel a rhythm, i can appreciate it. the thing that i like most is passion in the lyrics. lyrics which start somewhere and finish somewhere and tell a story or articulate an emotion or express gratitude or sorrow or loneliness. i want the music to make me cry, either from sadness or joy. that kind of thing doesn't stick to a particular genre, which i think is why i listen to such an eclectic mix. and also different languages. i speak very little german, but sido's songs sound so emotional just because of his tone of voice that it gets me going.

it's also a cross-generational thing. people who talk about the "golden age" of music frustrate me, especially when they hold up incredible classic songs and compare them to any old modern trash. it works both ways - there are songs today that will stick around, and so many songs from the last hundred years (and beyond) that are awful (especially among the most prolific artists. van morrison, elton john, and the beatles off the top of my head have enormous catalogues of mediocre songs). if something's still being played after fifty years, it's likely to be good, and it's not fair to only pick the good stuff in such a comparison. keep exploring, keep listening. there will be something that will suit you and make you feel how you used to feel when you first listened to the stones.

on a related note, i wish that music was more rough around the edges. polished sound is nice, but i think it only puts people off making and releasing their own music. i want music with white noise in the background, dud chord progressions, lyrical fumbles and not quite hitting the notes. but sing about the real shit, what matters to you. make something that you would want to hear on the radio, if anything you wanted to hear could be played on the radio.

happy valentine's day all. stay safe and feel loved <3

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