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pronouns represent a person's {gender}.

§the pronoun icon,

it became evident that there was no universal symbol or icon to represent the concept of a pronoun.
The only icon that came up in online search results was the abbreviation “Pron” with a block of background colour. This is an abbreviation of an an English word.

this is probably an issue. i think the proposed solution is not ideal.

the proposed icon is a three-circle venn diagram, with one circle above and two below.

it is stated that the top circle represents they/them, and the bottom two represent she/her and he/him. the overlapping parts represent neopronouns.

i appreciate that the coloured versions of this symbol don't use gender-coded colours.

nevertheless, it isn't great that the neopronouns are defined in the design as being overlaps between the common pronouns. the point of neopronouns is to get away from those options. it's also confusing to people who might not understand the concept, and think that someone using ze/zir pronouns is a combination of a he and a she.

when there is a field on a site to let someone choose their pronouns, it asking them about how they identify themself. but the pronouns people list are third person pronouns, for other people to use when referring to them.

my proposal for a gender icon would be a speech bubble with a heart inside. that's an off-the-cuff suggestion.

§xe/xem pronouns

the idea of replacing the initial sound of pronouns with an x is nice when written, because the x symbol is crossing out that identifying part of h- or sh- for he or him.

the problem is that the letter x doesn't have a standard pronounciation in english

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