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religion and spirituality

religion as a topic is one of my primary interests. i grew up in a religious household and the impact of {christianity} on my life is significant.

like many in my generation i identify more as spiritual, though i think that diagnosis isn't particularly helpful. it is perhaps more helpful to identify the essential parts of religion that people like, such as ritual, and work out how they can helpfully applied to your own life.

atheism is the belief that there is no god. i think that it's much harder to define what this means than a lot of atheists let on. what god, or a god is, depends a lot on culture.

§what is religion?

religion is hard to define. i would say that a religion is an organised set of practices relating to things considered holy. synonyms of holy depending on the religion are allowed.

some christians throw around the phrase "it's not a religion, it's a relationship". this is similar to claiming to only be spiritual.


one of aquinas's {primary precepts} is to worship god.

spiritually is the essense of this.

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