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rice cooker

on this page i want to talk about how delightful the rice cooker is. the rice cooker as a single item embodies my vision for healthy technological progress more than anything else i can think of right now.

what is a rice cooker? it's a little pot for cooking rice. of course, it doesn't have to be little; you can find very big ones that restaurants use. it also doesn't have to be for cooking rice, but i'll get on to that. you plug your rice cooker in, add rice and water, and press the switch. once your rice is cooked, it will automatically stop cooking the rice, instead simply keeping it warm.

(to be clear, i will only be talking about the single button style of rice cooker here, as that is the kind that i have and the kind that i love. the other kinds, with many more buttons, are not nearly as delightful for me; on digital appliances, buttons kill delight. the important thing about rice cookers is that the manufacturers seem to realise this, and you can still very easily and cheaply buy a rice cooker with only one button. if you tried to do the same thing with a washing machine, or a tv, to give two examples, you would find it much harder).

how nice is that? rice is not easy to cook. but the rice cooker is easy to use. the rice cooker inhabits a niche: it does something mundane, so that people don't have to worry about it. that's so considerate!

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