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the legend of zelda

i think that the original legend of zelda game for the nes is one of the best in the series.

it's an open world. a properly open would with no guidance as to where you should be going. it's theoretically possible to skip straight to the end of the game---level nine, to collect the silver arrows and then on to ganon. of course then you miss out on the exploration and getting better, but it's totally an option if you're reckless and skilled enough.

the secrets are actually secret! this can be irritating, but it's nice to for there to be a blindingly obvious crack in the wall to insinuate a secret cave.

§breath of the wild

breath of the wild is great. i'm awful at it. but it's great. but it's also not the greatest game ever.

there are many reasons for that, but i think the biggest one is the breaking weapons.

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