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undertale is better than mother 3

i think that at this point, mother 4 isn't going to be a thing. in the west, it's definitely not going to be a thing. but that's okay, we have undertale, which is the best game in the mother series.

§innovative battle system

the mother battle system features a rolling health counter, which is best realised in {mother 3} where it hits the sweet spot between being slow enough that the situation isn't hopeless when you receive mortal damage, and being fast enough that it's intense when that happens. it makes the battle system a little bit more real time than most turn-based games.

undertale turns each attack into a bullet hell. this is really cool, and i love that each enemy has its own attack patterns, some of which are quite poignant.

there is one enemy who believes that touching you will benefit you, and you make them upset when you avoid the "attack". other enemies launch green projectiles which do increase your health. there are orange and blue projectiles which you are safe from if you are moving or not moving, which is a mechanic seen throughout the game.

even the way this is introduced to the player is well done. flowey lies to the player about what the pellets are, before turning evil when you move into them like he tells you.

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