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what i use to cook and eat

i try and use as little as possible, because i don't have much space. i don't necessarily endorse the "buy more, higher quality things" mantra, at least in the kitchen, because often it's just not true. you can spend much more on many electronic appliances than is necessary, if the appliance is even necessary. even necessary things like knives are sold to consumers much to high, with the myth that using them will make you better at knifework, or something.


i have a wok, 10" diameter because there is just one of me. it is made of carbon steel and it cost me ten pound. it seasoned nicely, and is very easy to maintain. i use it for most of my meals. i do also have a wok lid, but i don't use it so often.

i have a rice cooker, 1.3l capacity that cost me thirty pound. it has a single switch, that moves from "cook" to "warm" automatically. i use it for rice, obviously, but also soups, steaming, and making mulled wine. it came with a manual on how to fix it, which i have never had to do.

i have a kettle, it is made of iron and i use it for heating water for tea or washing up. i paid more for this than was necessary, but it looks nice.

§cooking utensils

i have a chinese chopping knife. i bought it for about ten pounds. i like the square blade that i can use for scooping up ingredients, and for crushing. it is very versatile. if i was to buy another, i would get a slightly smaller one and with a wooden rather than metal handle. but this one is still very nice, so i will not be replacing it for a while.

i have a bamboo spatula that i bought for about two pounds. i use it for cooking in the wok, and for removing rice from the rice cooker.

i also have a spider skimmer, but i don't actually use it very much at all.

i have a chopping board.

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