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essential media

here are some short lists of my favourite albums, books, films, tv series, video games, and pieces of art. hope you find something you like and do let me know if you have any recommendations for me!


{music} that i think is pretty important to me, and that i really like

close calls


§video games

there are some repeated themes through these games. mother 3, piku niku, else heart.break(), and stardew valley all deal with the scourge of capitalism. cave story, mother3, and undertale deal with themes of war and segregation. games that provide legitimate critique in a beautiful and compelling way can be very powerful.

close calls



close calls


the hebrew bible, or more accurately תָּנָ״ךְ, is great. (the new testament is also decent, but not as great). there's a lot of different type of literature here, and most of it is fascinating and beautiful. because i don't read biblical hebrew, i like robert alter's translation, which attempts as much as possible to keep the mouthfeel and wordplay of the original text. you don't have to believe every last part of it to love it as a work of art.

a clockwork orange is short and fun. it took me a couple of attempts to get into, due to the fact it's written in a made up dialect, but once i got past that i found the concept super interesting and it ultimately kickstarted my interest in linguistics. so thanks, anthony!

in the miso soup was a spur-of-the-moment purchase because of the cool cover. it was totally worth it though as this book has such an interesting voice, the voice of the narrator. it fits my idea of grey prose, poetry prose, pretty well i think, a very compelling deadpan blase sound. there is a very uncomfortable scene in it but as a whole has a dreamy feel.

the little schemer

toki pona: the language of good which dropped me down the conlang rabbit hole

mortal questions by thomas nagel. really i think a lot of his work is brilliant. putting the philosphy aside, he is the best philosophical writer i have ever read. "what does it all mean?" and "what is it like to be a bat?" where some of the first explicitly philosophical things i read. and writing-wise, it was all downhill from there. his language is plain and clear. he treates the reader like an equal. nagel is the model of how philosophy should be written, and my main muse when writing.

close calls

§web/tv series

{serial experiments lain}. you can watch it here

food wars is fairly trashy i guess? but it's compelling, got interesting Actual Facts about food, and a dramatic plot. would watch again.

avatar: the last airbender


close calls

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