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learning chinese

i use skritter to practice writing hanzi with the correct stroke order. it is a well designed program. skritter uses spaced repetition. there are decks for the course i'm taking, which is handy. it's a bit pricey (15$/mo), but for the moment i think it's worth it.

i don't have access to the play store, so i reached out and they sent me a link to a page with apks, which i really appreciate. they are stored at

§chinese sentence structure

subject verb object, like in english

* i eat an apple
* wo chi pingguo

===== location =====

in english, location goes at the end of sentence (i eat an apple at home). in chinese, location goes before verb.

* i at home eat apple
* wo zai jia chi pingguo

===== time =====

ditto with time, put it before the verb.

* i yesterday ate an apple
* wo zuotian chi pingguo

===== location and time =====

you can put either first, but most common is putting time first.

* i yesterday at home ate an apple
* wo zuotian zaijia chi pingguo

§useful tools

§comprehensible input

§further reading

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