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primary precepts

aquinas's primary precepts are so true bestie

like, his conclusions are really bad. but those precepts have something going for them

thomas aquinas defined five primary precepts as part of his natural law theory, which states that humans have an innate desire to try and do {good} and avoid evil. the primary precepts are revealed to us through god, which is to say, we know them within us because god put them within us.

secondary precepts are rules developed by humans as parts of systems of morality. aquinas suggests that any ethical stance we have can be derived from the primary precepts. as an example, sex for pleasure is wrong because it is abusing its natural function, reproduction.

that's obviously up for debate; i think it's not wrong to have sex for pleasure. but the general theory stands. people have their primary precepts, and use them to develop secondary precepts.

i also think that in a more abstract sense, humans must worship something. this may be a god concept, or it might be something more physical such as money or a celebrity. it could also be more abstract, like a cultural identity or science.

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