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sharing a cigarette

sharing a cigarette:

i was their breath maybe half an hour ago
now we breathe in another shared experience
half smile after the mutual recognition of broken
half eye contact over half a minute then
an outstretched hand - not an offer to dance but to die
together the flick of a flicker of fire
and peace in the slowest way
the smallest way
the most subtley sentimental way

and the two of us slouch on the step
and wonder at the stars
those old stars and the new ones of our own creation
smile fully in the realisation that this is
this is
it's moments like these that are
shivering and an awkward arm
we still hardly know each other

and nothing becomes of any of this
except that something does
only that little romanticism
we stepped out at the same time
for the same reason
the human
i was their breath maybe half an hour ago
and now we are shadows together

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