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this site is {my} primary presence on the internet.

it's a public scrapbook where i keep notes and links relating to things that interest me. currently it contains about fifty-thousand words. most of them are my own. i've tried to make it very obvious when i've quoted or copied something somebody else wrote, and provide links to the original source. if you think i've failed at that anywhere, please let me know. similarly, if you think i'm wrong about something, or you have a different view, tell me about it! i'm open to hearing new ideas and amending my own.

this page is where i can indulge myself by talking about it. think of it like that hello world post on every blog ever.


i am moving to this system from disparate other html files, text files, and paper notes. i'm fixing things as i interact with them. pages are a mess. if anything is broken for you, please contact me.

everything on this site should be considered a vague thought process at the moment i wrote it, not necessarily an explicit portrayal of my beliefs (then or now). all pages should be considered a work in progress. some pages i have more to write on a particular point. i've marked these with {TODO}.

§site geography

all pages are in the same directory, and all pages are written in the same format, and all pages have the same template applied to them. i host any html experiments on a different domain.

i considered adding a list of all pages, or of recently changed pages, but decided against it for a few reasons:

so the only way to navigate the site is via the wikilinks.

update: i had a brief period with a recent changes page, but i have since removed it, because of the reasons listed above. it was implemented as option one above. i instead added an rss feed. i wasn't sure of the best way to implement this, but after conversation on fedi i decided to add an extra bit of syntax to the site: an page can have a line of the format "#date YYYY-MM-DD", and if it does it will be added to an rss feed. if it doesn't, it will not. in this way, i can continue to have slugs which look like whatever i want, i don't have to rely on filesystem timestamp metadata, i don't need to bother with putting dates on every page, and small corrections or small pages don't clog up the feed, it's curated as i want it to be.

also, it's now possible to download an archive of this whole site. this means that it is possible to explore the site other than via the wikilinks.

§edit history

i don't store the edit history. no, the site is not even in version control (maybe one day). i don't make any guarantees that i won't change or delete the content of any page, so i encourage you to copy content you want to keep around to your own website or computer.

§why do i call this site a wiki?

there is confusion as to what a wiki is. some people would say this is not a wiki, and that's fair enough. unlike other wikis, this one is not publicly editable. it's not editable from the browser, and there is nothing in place to generate placeholder pages if i wikilink to a page that does not exist.

but i think that wiki makes the most sense as an aesthetic descriptor. there is no index of pages on the site, and cross-referencing is encouraged. i make pages for things which interest me, without feeling a burden of having to have a completed opinion or sensical narrative to say.

§how this site is made

the software behind this site is very simple wiki software written in lua. the pages are written in a markup language which is similar to {}. it started out with a hacky gemtext to html converter. over time i'm trying to improve the markup to be better html, and provide a more comfortable writing experience.

for example, it supports inline images and links.

as well as normal links, it supports {wikilinks} which make it easy to link to other pages on the site. if a page is linked to by another page, it is referenced in the "see also" section at the bottom. this happens automatically, i don't fill out that section by hand.

i update the site with this command:

lua gen.lua && rsync -azPL build/ daisy:.


the site is hosted on nearlyfreespeech, who also manage the domain. i trust nearlyfreespeech to stay around, and they provide a good service.

the lindy effect says we can assume that any product at this point in time is halfway through its lifespan. now i don't know true that is, but i know that nfsn have been delivering a consistent service for a long time.

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